Course Overview:

 You may have already obtained a classic code NLP certificate from a recognised body.

New Code developed by John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair takes the design elements of the classic code to a whole new level, producing a set of powerful and engaging processes that fully harness the human potential for congruent change at a level frequently not reached by application of the classic code.

The New Code of NLP was designed to update the ‘Classic Code’ on the basis that practitioners are congruent with self application. New Code processes create powerful contexts for change to occur on multiple levels. New Code NLP is constantly evolving and by attending this course you are getting the very latest processes for change.

Attend this course

4 days of AMAZING new learnings with This course teaches the most up to date NLP techniques that will literally help you change the way you think, change your life…and experience change at the deepest level.  NLP has become faster, simpler, and more effective than ever before. Learn to understand your own mind and better understand the mind of others.

If you would like to learn the very latest NLP tools. Peak performance is achieved through state and personal congruence. This course teaches self application, a key ingredient to learning. New Code is designed to provide you with the formats and tools to allow yourself (and others you work with) to achieve deep and lasting personal change.

Course Structure

Over the 20 hours of this training you will discover the core principles of the New Code and gain direct experience of its application through games, exercises and demonstrations. This module is open to all regardless of prior NLP experience. Existing NLP practitioners can apply for certification as New Code NLP Practitioner through this course.

You will learn 

  • How to access high performance states
  • Chain of excellence
  • How to align intention with consequence
  • The verbal package
  • How to create an ally with unconscious signals
  • New Code change format
  • New Code belief change model
  • The structure of New Code games
  • The current games – Alphabet, Nasa, New Code ball game
  • State formats, walk with X and Y, state walking etc
  • Sanctuary – a process for dealing with behaviors triggered outside of conscious awareness

A pre-requisite to fully appreciate New Code is to have a sound grounding in Rapport and Calibration in NLP Practitioner course. but we can provide that during an introductory day.

The New Code of NLP enables a relationship to unfold between the conscious and unconscious mind that creates all kinds of life experiences. The New Code Practitioner learns to suspend conscious filters for the unconscious to present choice after choice, creating constant possibilities. The conscious acknowledges the new choices, and the dance goes on to new levels of personal performance, the result being new levels of personal excellence.

Our New Code course presents you all the patterning, designs, and games that John and Carmen personally use with corporate and individual clients alike.

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