1. What is important to you?
  • Is it your family, friends, career, leisure time, sports, volunteer work or hobbies?

Because we all have different priorities, goals and values, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to achieving a balanced life.

  • Once you have taken a moment to assess your core values and reflect on your accomplishments and strengths with our professional support you will be ready to formulate a plan.
  • Many of us feel overwhelmed at some point in life and in need of re-focusing, in order to get our life back on track and pursue what we really want.
  • It is very easy to let your life pass by and never find the time or mental clarity to really assess what is important to you.
  1. This Workshop training is designed for:
  • Individuals who feel they need to refocus in life and work on a strategic life plan, so for a wide range of people both for their personal development and for business.
  • People who are looking to reassess their priorities in life and are maybe looking to change at every level, who need to find a better work-life balance.
  1. The aim of our training is to:
  • Help participants focus on what matters to them in life and achieve positive change.
  • The participants are encouraged to channel and focus their ideas gradually from the stage at which they are just dreams, to narrowing down their dreams and targeting specific areas of life, setting SMARTER goals, planning their schedule, motivating themselves into action and finally reviewing the outcomes of their actions.
  • This tends to be a course that participants really enjoy, particularly given its interactive nature.
  • The workshop is designed to be trainer led but it includes plenty of interaction between the participants.
  • This course also involves a number of activities which participants can immediately begin to become involved with their own life planning.
  1. Participants will be able to:
  • Analyze what drives and motivates them in life.
  • Focus on areas of their life that they want to develop.
  • Set powerful goals.
  • Devise a plan to achieve their goals.
  • Identify strategies to put their plan into action.
  • Monitor, review and revise their plan.
Make use of this chance to determine your successful pleasant future

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About The Trainer

Dalia El Gebaly is a Self-help and Human Development Trainer, coach, and consultant, She is also an interpersonal communication trainer and coach with an international accreditation known as the Trainer of Challenges and Successes.

Dalia El Gebaly‘s expertise is in marketing communications, Public Relations, and Social Media Professional including for social campaigns, which raise awareness.

She has provided her services to many corporate and Public Figures for Branding and operating events, also worked with many vulnerable populations in Egypt and many other countries.

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Dalia ElGebaly


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Balanced Life Planning Course

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