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Baby steps towards life goals

   Along the lines of the above suggestion, many people have really big life goals. Goals so big that work on the goals never gets started.
   Break big dreams into small achievable steps, and then focus on taking one step at a time. The progress makes us happy. The small steps give us a chance to achieve our goals.
   From there we can build a plan with many small steps to get from home food sales to owning a restaurant.


Live true to yourself

    So many people don’t live their dreams, because they do what someone else expects.
Don’t do something because of the job title or to make someone else proud. Do what you know is right for you.
    “Prestige is a powerful magnet that warps even your beliefs about what you enjoy. It causes you to work not on what you like, but what you’d like to like.” Paul Graham, Y-Combinator founder


Find your purpose

     Your mission could be being a great parent, a great spouse, an excellent gardener or saving the world. We’re happier when we have a purpose.

     People are constantly searching for their purpose and what’s most important to them. Here’s an exercise to help you figure that out:

     Imagine you’re at your own funeral.

What would you like people to say about you?

How would you like to be remembered?

Now, how do you become that person?



Don’t be a maximizer

    You can spend all day surfing the Internet to find the absolute best price on a new TV. Unless that is significant money for you don’t worry.

     Your gift doesn’t have to be perfect; it has to be thoughtful. Your house can be clean, but it doesn’t have to be immaculate.
Very good is good enough.
This saves time, which none of us have enough of, and it reduces stress.




Don’t sweat the small stuff

    Before you get upset, ask yourself, “Will this matter tomorrow, next week or in a year?”

      If you get upset at someone who cut the line or a customer service representative or anyone else, you’re not hurting him. You’re only affecting your own happiness.


Let yourself be a novice

     No one begins as an expert. And, if you think about it, experts built the Titanic. A couple of students who didn’t know what they were doing built Google.

Who would you rather be?



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