Things You Do Not Know About Your DNA

 Did you know that the original 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA Template for humans (created 560 million years ago) allowed for a mentrual cycle to happen in women only every SEVEN years? This was tampered with by certain races that wanted to get more of THEIR beings and genetic coding on the planet. That is why today the menstrual cycle is monthly and all of the hormonal imbalances that happen at this time (which are non-organic and not a part of the original DNA template or imprint for health) occur. It’s also why contraceptives were banned in some religions. So they could get more of their kind on the planet and to control. Also, the unnatural changes that happen to adolescents around puberty at age 12 are caused by DNA strand 4 not being able to activate properly. These are not natural. This is because of an energetic seal (called the Zeta seal) that was placed on this strand many thousands of years ago. At around 12, DNA strand 4 tries to activate and is not able to, the biochemicals build up in the DNA, and it throws off the entire electromagnetic field of the person. The body starts to DEGENERATE (die) at age 12. This affects brain function, emotional states, and does not allow connection to your Soul Identity, which is stationed in dimensions 4, 5, and 6. This is also why most people are stuck and living only from the first 3 dimensions, because you cannot “see” above the dimension associated with your highest activated DNA strand. Thus we have a society mainly focused on sex, survival, victimization, war, and self-righteousness (all issues corresponding to the 1st 3 chakras and 1st 3 DNA strands). If DNA strand 4 and the heart chakra were cleared and fully activated for all of humanity, there would not be any possibility of war because no one with an open heart chakra would send their child off to get killed. I cannot even fathom doing that, can you?


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  1. I could never fathom sending my child off to war, and I’m not even a parent…Great post by the way. I never thought of the chakras relating to DNA strands. Very interesting.

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